The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game is a suspenseful adventure story about celebrated hunter Sanger Rainsford. After falling overboard while sailing to a hunting vacation, Rainsford washes ashore on Ship-Trap Island, an eerie place. He is welcomed by General Zaroff, who quickly reveals that having grown bored of hunting tigers and buffalo, he has begun hunting the most dangerous game: humans. When Zaroff and Rainsford go hunting together, it quickly turns deadly, and Rainsford must outsmart the general or face deadly consequences.

Problems identified by students:

  • Rainsford is locked up for the night in a room high in a tower of Zaroff’s residence
  • Rainsford might sink into quicksand in the Death Swamp
  • Rainsford might sneeze or cough and reveal his hiding spot up in a tree when Zaroff smokes a cigarette under the tree

Solutions designed by students:

  • A zip line that will help Rainsford escape from the tower
  • A pipe to divert Zaroff’s cigarette smoke away from Rainsford’s face