The Gorilla who Wanted to Grow Up

The Gorilla who Wanted to Grow Up

Pongo is a young gorilla living with his troop in the mountains of Africa. While he enjoys playing with his friends, Pongo also wishes he could grow up and be like his father, the silverback leader of the troop. After his little sister Whoopsie is born, he must help to watch over her, teaching her how to navigate trees and stay out of danger.

Problems identified by students:

  • Whoopsie is too small to climb trees
  • Sleeping on the ground with predators hunting at night is dangerous
  • Whoopsie gets stuck in a tree

Solutions designed by students:

  • A ladder that helps Whoopsie climb up the tree

-A safe shelter that protects them from predators

-A slide that attaches to a tree so Whoopsie can slide down