Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Nine-year-old Peter Hatcher would have a perfect life if it weren’t for his two-year-old brother, Fudge. Fudge gets into everything, throws tantrums all the time, and never gets in trouble for anything. During Peter’s months in the fourth grade, Fudge’s antics continue: breaking his front teeth after jumping off the jungle gym at the local playground when he tries to fly, vandalizing Peter’s group school assignment, disappearing on his family at a movie theater, and swallowing Peter’s beloved pet turtle.

Problems identified by students:

  • Fudge gets into all of Peter’s things
  • Fudge breaks his front teeth after jumping from the jungle gym at the local playground
  • Fudge vandalizes Peter’s group homework assignment
  • Fudge runs off from the family when they are in a movie theater
  • Biggest problem: Fudge swallows Dribble, Peter’s beloved pet turtle

Solutions designed by students:

  • Mechanisms to alert Peter if Fudge is breaking into his room (balloon alarms, sound alarms, LEGO contraptions)
  • Protective barriers to keep Fudge from running off
  • Turtle protectors (structures, pulley mechanisms)
  • Door locking mechanisms to prevent Fudge from breaking into Peter’s room

Material suggestions:

  • Things Peter might have in his room or house: (Found Materials) cardboard, paper, string, glue, tape, paper towel tubes, aluminum foil
  • LEGO (WeDo kits; NXT, miscellaneous blocks)