Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

Mr. McGreely makes a garden in his backyard but his vegetables keep getting eaten by three rabbits. He builds a wire fence which the bunnies hop over. Next he builds a wooden wall which the bunnies dig under. Then he digs a moat around the garden but they swim across. Finally he builds a huge concrete block fortress with security wire and lights, referred to as the “huge, enormous thing,” around the entire garden. This keeps them out overnight, but when Mr. Mcgreely goes in the next morning with his basket to pick vegetables, the bunnies stow away in the basket, then jump out and start munching on the vegetables.

Problems identified by students:

  • Mr. McGreely can’t keep the bunnies out of the garden
  • The wire fence is too short so the bunnies can hop over
  • The wooden wall doesn’t go underground so the bunnies can go under it
  • The moat is too narrow so the bunnies can swim across
  • The bunnies can sneak into the huge, enormous thing
  • Mr. McGreely keeps putting obstacles in the way of the bunnies getting the vegetables
  • The bunnies can’t get past the huge, enormous thing on their own
  • The bunnies need/want vegetables to eat

Solutions designed by students:

  • An alarm system to let Mr. McGreely know when the bunnies are around
  • Automatic lights around the garden to scare off the bunnies
  • A robot that patrols the garden
  • A launcher to help the bunnies get over the huge, enormous thing
  • A robot that will help the bunnies drill through the huge, enormous thing

Kindergarten through 2nd