Clementine is having a tough week! She cuts her friend Margaret’s hair off, gets sent to the principal three times, cuts her own hair off, thinks her parents don’t love her, and there are pigeons messing up their apartment building again. Clementine experiences the pain of getting into a fight with a friend, and in the midst of it uses her talent, observation skills, eye for the peculiar, and friendliness to solve “The Great Pigeon War” for her dad.

Problems identified by students:

•  Margaret is self conscious because Clementine cut off her hair
•  Clementine’s father is responsible for upkeep on their apartment building but pigeons are making a mess

Solutions designed by students:

• Owl-scarecrow with movable wings and sound
(predator sound)
• LEGO WeDo robotic dogs to patrol the ledge and
scare off the pigeons

Material suggestions:

Cardboard boxes, batting and fabric, clear plastic tubing, plastic bottles, strong string for pulling or making handles, plastic for lining things


1st- 2nd