Clementine is a third grader living in Boston and is having a tough week. She cuts her friend Margaret’s hair off, gets sent to the principal three times, cuts her own hair off, thinks her parents don’t love her, and there are pigeons messing up their apartment building again. She and her family live in a five-story apartment building where her father is the building manager. He is trying to keep things clean and safe and get rid of the pigeons that sit on the window ledges and make a mess.

Problems identified by students:

  • Margaret and Clementine have no hair
  • The pigeons make a mess with their “pigeon splat”

Solutions designed by students:

  • Owl with movable wings and attached megaphone that projects predator sounds
  • Fan with large blades that will deter pigeons from landing on ledge
  • Robotic dogs that patrol the ledge and scare off the pigeons

Kindergarten through 2nd